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The Sea house mix

Unveiling the champions of Locca Signature – our top cocktails! Indulge in the pinnacle of mixology artistry, each sip a testament to our dedication to taste and quality. Join us and raise a glass to the finest flavors at Locca Signature.

⁠Coconut Negroni

Sip on paradise with our Coconut Negroni! Crafted with 11 days rum, sweet vermouth, and Campari, this tropical twist is a delightfully indulgent take on a classic. The exclusive Locca Signature.

Caprase Old Fashioned

Savor sophistication with our Caprese Old Fashioned! Aged rum, clarified caprese, bianco vermouth, and citrus unite in this refreshing twist on a classic.

⁠Matcha Yuzu

Lemongrass infused vodka, salted kecombrang shrub, lemongrass syrup,
fresh squeezed apple, chili flake and lemon juice.

Batanga Highball

Get ready for a refreshing spin on the classic with our Batanga High Ball! Made with smooth plata tequila, citrus, and our homemade vanilla soda, it’s a delightful blend of sophistication and zest.

Charred Jasmine Lemon

Introducing our Charred Jasmine Lemon: a zesty blend of gin, triple sec, jasmine cordials, and a splash of charred lemon soda. Fresh, simple, and utterly delightful.

Locca Sea House
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