PREP DJ Set Induced Crowd Into A Serene Night At Locca Sea House

Prep DJ
  • Locca Sea House is welcoming November with a serene night accompanied by a soothing ocean breeze and a magical melody from PREP.
  • Llywelyn ap Myrddin and Guillaume Jambel served you in a chill and lovely DJ Set.


November 9th – Locca Sea House is preparing something chill and cheerful in November, PREP is coming to the sea house. The indie atmosphere, combined with the ocean breeze at night, creates unwind sensation throughout all day. The tracks help people release stress after work and dance through the beat. None will ever forget the night with PREP!

DJ Set with equal crowd control to band performance

PREP comes with their unique DJ set, performed by Llywelyn ap Myrddin (pianist) and Guillaume Jambel (drummer). They are actually producers of their own music projects, so it’s not unusual to see them play in DJ sets. The crowd control is surprisingly awesome for the DJ sets, people are immersed in the chill and relaxing track lists. Every head is moving through the beat of PREP original songs like Cheapest Flight, Line to Line, and Who’s Got You Singing Again. PREP also bring their most happening cover song from Harry Styles “As It Was” to their setlist, having the crowds moving their heads while singing along to the song.

PREP World Tour

This was really a fortunate performance by PREP since they already do the concert for their world tour on November 6th in Jakarta, just 3 days before heading to the sea house. PREP is interested to experience the performance in the warm and tropical ambiance and the ocean breeze in Locca Sea House. They will come to Bangkok to continue PREP World Tour on November 12th.

Wednesday, November 9th, 2022
Locca Sea House
Jl. Jimbaran Hijau Segara, Tegal Wangi, Jimbaran, Badung, Bali 80361

About PREP

PREP originally came about as a placeholder alias for 4 London based-artists with an eye-watering list of credits under their belts. Already a successful classical composer with a penchant for electronic music, keyboardist Llywelyn Ap Myrddin began working with drummer and house music producer Guillaume Jambel. Llywelyn was impressed with the reaction to these tracks from Grammy-nominated producer Dan Radcliffe, known for recordings such as Drake and his AlunaGeorge. Sensing a shared musical DNA foundation, his Myrddin, Jambel, and Radcliffe began to devote serious moonlight hours to his new joint venture. The line-up was quickly solidified by vocalist Tom Havelock, who was friends with Radcliffe and had co-written numerous projects with Riton, Sinead Hartnett, Ray BLK, and others.

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