Space Konnekt: Entering The Trance Space With The Tribe

Space Konnekt Locca Sea House Edition
  • Reconnect with the Tribe while expanding influence with curated audio-visual arts, wellness practitioners, and eco-green products.
  • Psytrance lineups and audio-visual performances become the main course for the Space Konnekt.
  • Kozmik Kollektive first collaboration with Locca Sea House, wanting an experience to indulge the senses through traditional and modern arts combined with the vibration of nature.

The tribes are ready for something exceptional and the energy of reconnecting becomes bigger and bigger. Then Space Konnekt is coming to answer the hype! Space Konnekt become one yearly event organized by Kozmik Kollektive gathering the community together. In collaboration with Locca Sea House, Kozmik Kollektive intent to explore the community’s exposure to broader people. Audiovisual art exhibitions combined with the tropical vibes of the sea house become the main value of this Space Konnekt. Lineups will be announced soon together with ticketing information.

Space Kollektive aims to gather every art enthusiast together in a night of mesmerizing experiences. Several booths will provide everyone who is curious about arts and cultural traditions. Wellness practitioners will be pleased with the massage, water therapy, and acro yoga booth available. Psytrance music also accompanies everyone to dive deep into the trance vibes combined with the ocean breeze all night.

Bigger scale, greater impact

Kozmik Kollektive already presented lots of creative events, varying from art exhibitions to mini-music festivals. Most events are aimed at those who seek the unconventional form of art, creating a strong sense of community. With Space Konnekt, Kozmik Kollektive will try to widespread the influence while strengthening the tribe’s bond. This will result in a greater impact for Kozmik Kollektive as the Psytrance community in Bali.

Locca Sea House provides all the vibes

Locca Sea House presents a combination of cultural arts combined with a vast space to reconnect with Mother Nature. The open space place with a wonderful vibe displaying full potential to host Space Konnekt. Not just diving deep into Psytrance world, tribespeople can also immense their sense with exquisite cuisines and beverages.



Saturday, March 25th, 2023

​Locca Sea House

Jl. Jimbaran Hijau Segara, Tegal Wangi, Jimbaran, Badung, Bali 80361


About Kozmik Kollektive

“Kozmik Kollektive adalah Kozmik yang Kollektive”

Welcome to the tribe. Fueled by young spirits, we emphasize audio-visual arts and embrace the togetherness in the natural landscape. Kozmik Kollektive also creates a strong sense of community, resulting in several activities such as art exhibitions, Portal, and Space Konnekt.

About Locca Sea House

A new experience of Local Culture and Arts meets a sophisticated Sea House setting through foods, beverages, and exceptional entertainment. Made with the foundation of Balinese unique local culture and arts combined with exceptional foods, beverages, and entertainment, Locca Sea House is determined to give a new exciting experience on the edge of Jimbaran, Bali.

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