Celebrate the Viva La Vida Energy with Locca Holla Dolla on April 29th!

Locca Holla Dolla, curated art and market by Locca Sea House

Locca Holla Dolla will feature curated arts and markets from every corner of Bali, from clothing to tattoo artists. Collaboration with MC Camel, inducing the crowds with Hip-hop, Dancehall, and Afrobeat tunes. Prepare yourself with something unexpected on April 29th and induce the life energy through your mind.   Embracing the spirit of the living […]

Immerse In The Dream Of Childhood on “Aatelier 002: Childlike Wonder”.

Childlike Wonder - Aatelier art exhibition with Locca Sea House

The Childlike Wonder is Aatelier’s second collaboration with JHUB Art Space, and Locca Sea House become the special venue for the exhibition. Features more than 50 works from contemporary artists from every district of Indonesia. Get ready to immerse yourself in the sea of childhood imagination during April 2023.   April 1st – Get ready […]

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