Tribute to Made Wianta of Balinese Artist and Culture

Made Wianta

‘’Tribute to Made Wianta he will represented his art work on the exhibition and it will be located at Locca Sea House, Jimbaran, Bali from 19th – 30th  of June 2023 ‘’

Made Wianta is an International Indonesian Asian Modern & Contemporary painter who was Born in Apuan, Tabanan, Bali in December 20, 1949.

Commemorating in memoriable of Balinese Artist and Culture Made Wianta who has concerned with social and cultural changes and social issues. He has participated in many group and solo exhibitions in Indonesia and abroad, including the Venice Biennale in 2003, and Mike Weiss Gallery in New York, USA in 2005.

During Made Wianta early career, Wianta studied the Balinese classical wayang style of painting from master artists in Kamasan, Klungkung. Made Wianta drawings of Balinese spirits and creatures has novel, peculiar and personalized shapes. When he used colours, the works were similar in structure to his drawings but did not have figurative elements. Instead, he began painting in a kind of abstraction that systematically used small dots of colour with a mixture of linear contours and flat surfaces. Then he went on to create geometrical constructions that combined spontaneous calligraphic strokes. His work is represented in the collection of The Neka Museum in Ubud Bali. Made Wianta also does installations and performance art to convey his concerns about social and cultural change.

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