Why You Should Visit Bali Once In Your Lifetime?

First thing first, Bali is a small island in the south of the Indonesian archipelago, along with around 17,000 islands within it. This tropical archipelago offers several destinations such as beautiful beaches and tropical jungles, but only Bali shines among national and international tourism. With all the eyes on the Island of Gods, here we will show you why you should visit Bali, at least once in your lifetime.

Wondrous Beaches

Unbelievably, Bali has lots of beautiful beaches from the west to the east. You can name it: Tanah Lot, Balangan, Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Amed. These beaches hold high reputation for stunning ocean view and their uniquely transcending vibes. From the stellar white sand beach to the surprising black sand beach and breathtaking cliffside, Bali will keep you busy exploring every point.

These beaches also offer several interesting activities that engage your adrenaline rush. From sunset gathering to extreme watersports and surfing, lots of activities will keep you engaged in Bali.

Cultural Diversity and Lively Religious Scene

Balinese culture and religious scene become inseparable these days, and that’s what makes Bali special. The island is home to traditional cultural traditions and is still practiced even today. From the Balinese Silent Day (Nyepi) to invigorating Galungan, you will never cease to amaze Bali and its culture. 

You can also indulge your sense in the harmonious Balinese traditional dance and music. Some artists are also involved in preserving local traditions and blending it in a contemporary way. 

Beautiful Scenery and Flavorful Culinary

Not only beaches, but Bali also has lots of natural wonders. Terracing ricefields, mountains, waterfalls, you named it. Lots of activities are also provided at every natural point. You can do mountain climbing through several mountains, or bungee jumping to waterfalls. For those who love the adrenaline rush, this is your safe haven.

This fertile soil of Bali also blesses us with rich culinary taste. Mainly having strong sense of herbs and spices, Balinese culinary offers you the distinctive experience of gastrology. Many professional chefs also come to Bali to recreate and modify traditional recipes.

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