BALI, brace yourselves for a one in a million experience with our three-time Grammy Award – winning platinum selling singer, songwriter, producer, and actor Ne-Yo. Neyo at The Locca Sea House in Bali on May 21st 2023! The Locca Sea House is one of Bali’s premier entertainment venues, located right on the beach with stunning views of […]

Locca Seanema – The Hangover Part II


[THE WOLF PACK IS INVADING SEANEMA] Locca Seanema is back 🥳🥳 This time, Hangover Part II will play on the Locca Sea House. This companion of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis will bring insane and unimaginable laugh to the sea house. Friday, April 14th, 7 PM until the end. Save the date and […]

Yoga Every Friday

Yoga Locca Sea House

Experience tranquility in the hidden gem of Jimbaran Bali The yoga session will balance your body, mind, and soul to the serenity you’ve been dreaming of. Come and immerse in the calming vibes every Friday at 10.00 am.

5 Wonderful Waterfalls in Bali You Need to Explore

Bali and its mesmerizing beaches are already tourism’s top of mind, but don’t you know that Bali offers more than only beaches? Lucky for you who love adventure, Bali is home to over 5 of these natural treasures. We’ve compiled this list to plan your next adventure. And here are 5 waterfalls in Bali that […]

Why You Should Visit Bali Once In Your Lifetime?

First thing first, Bali is a small island in the south of the Indonesian archipelago, along with around 17,000 islands within it. This tropical archipelago offers several destinations such as beautiful beaches and tropical jungles, but only Bali shines among national and international tourism. With all the eyes on the Island of Gods, here we […]

Holla Dolla

Holla Dolla Locca Sea House

Get ready to embrace Viva La Vida 🔥 Unreveal the synchronized vibes of local arts and markets combined with the sea house atmosphere with Locca Holla Dolla. Experience the crafting from unique clothing to artistic tattoos. And encounter the Viva La Vida energy from the combination of Hiphop, Dancehall, and Afrobeat tracks by MC Camel […]

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