Teenagers rule the world – Teenager’s Project #2 Banging The Dancefloor on March 4th!

  • Embrace the young generations to express themselves in the form of art performances.
  • Zeus Soul of Teenagers repeats their success after the awesome festival of Teenager’s Project #1.
  • Dipha Barus and ROYCDC will be the primary lineup, featuring YnJeff, MC North Tokyo, and Angelosari. 


March 4th – The energy of youths exploded to create something unimaginable through art and nature! Zeus Soul of Teenagers featuring Locca Sea House proudly presents Teenager’s Project #2 – hyped music festival in town. The second edition of Teenager’s Project takes place at Locca Sea House on Saturday, March 4th. The festival features the most notable producers and DJs including Dipha Barus, ROYCDC, YnJeff feat. MC North Tokyo, and Angelosari. 


Teenager’s Project #2 is presented at the edge of South Bali sea from 4.00 pm until late. The festival delivers various genres, including house, trance, trap, chill house, R&B, and more. Locca Sea House also provides a vast venue for everyone who is ready to captivate by a combination of arts and nature. Signature taste becomes perfect complementary to enjoy the exploded youth energy on the dancefloor.


Engraving for a second success

There was a time when high schoolers organized lots of happening events on the Island of Gods, but their spirit was seemingly diminished when COVID-19 spread in every place on Planet Earth. Zeus Soul of Teenagers feels challenged to revive the youth spirit with their Teenager’s Project. Their first Teenager’s Project was held exactly a year ago and became successful, featuring national pride including Vierratale, Not So Koplo, and Nostress. This time, Zeus Soul of Teenagers invites the young, wild, and high-dreamed youngsters to reach the second success of Teenager’s Project. 

Teenager’s Project #2 ran successfully with ROYCDC as a starter, followed by Dipha Barus as the guest star. They successfully deliver the hype and perfectly gather the youngsters to rave on the dancefloor. This was followed by YnJeff and MC North Tokyo with their explosive energy. Angelosari close the party gracefully as the pop songs come to the tracklist.


Teenager’s raw determination meets local culture and arts

Taking inspiration from local culture and arts, Locca Sea House embraces the tropical vibes on the cliff of Jimbaran Bali. The sea house setting delivers the exquisite experience of vibes, taste, and entertainment. Locca Sea House is honored to host Teenager’s Project #2 since lots of huge events happened here (Scream on Scream, PREP DJ Set, and New Year’s Eve with Andrew Rayel).



Saturday, March 4th, 2023

​Locca Sea House

Jl. Jimbaran Hijau Segara, Tegal Wangi, Jimbaran, Badung, Bali 80361

​Tickets and info + pre-registrations: Teenagers Project #2


About Zeus Soul Of Teenagers

Zeus Soul Of Teenagers comes as a community of high schoolers who wanted to express themselves through arts and events. The community aims to be a platform for high schoolers to explore themselves. The community was also established by the foundation of solidarity and togetherness to create an amusing form of expression.


About Locca Sea House

A new experience of Local Culture and Arts meets a sophisticated Sea House setting

through foods, beverages, and exceptional entertainment.


Made with the foundation of Balinese unique local culture and arts combined with exceptional foods, beverages, and entertainment, Locca Sea House is determined to give a new exciting experience on the edge of Jimbaran, Bali.


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